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- In today's economic environment, many commercial businesses want to increase market share and revenue by launching new services that their consumers are demanding.

- Government agencies are continuously pressured to provide more and better services to their constituencies.

- These new services are often brought to market in the form of new software applications. Whether for web or mobile access, or for social networking or business intelligence, these new applications can have a direct impact on the success of the institutions.

Scalability and development automation

- In order to produce at the scale and velocity required to meet the demand, IT desperately needs to accelerate their processes and increase productivity in order to support the desired growth.

- IT can do this by leveraging the elasticity and automation provided by cloud technologies and by standardizing developer workflows to create repeatable and sustainable processes.

- Essentially IT needs to be more like a modern manufacturing plant, utilizing automation and an assembly line to accelerate production.

Streamline and standardize developer workflows

- Our factory process, provides developers with automated, self-service tools.

- That help streamline and standardize developer workflows in order to create this "assembly line" for application service delivery and do this on an elastic, auto-scaling cloud platform for increased efficiency.

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Gnosis (Γνώση) is the common Greek noun for knowledge.
Gnosis isn't a rational knowledge, scientific, philosophical, theoretical and empirical, but intuitive and transcendental character of wisdom.


Entry into the path of Gnosis is called "back home".
As we have seen, is a return, a turn away, a regret of all kinds: "We must go back to the old, old way."

And so we did!

GNOSYS IT is a software factory situated in the beautiful city of Castelo Branco just in the heart of Portugal.

Our target is manufacture top class software from Castelo Branco to provide worldwidely.

Our vision is the empowerment of a Portuguese country region called 'Beira Baixa'.

Gnosis is undoubtedly an experience based not on concepts and precepts, but the sensitivity of the heart.

Gnosticism, is a worldview based on the experience of Gnosis.
It is used to designate an in-depth knowledge and top of the world and man, that gives meaning to human life, which makes it full of meaning because it allows man's encounter with his eternal essence, divine spark, wonderful.

It is a living reality always active, which is only understood when experienced and lived.
Thus it can never be assimilated in the abstract and intellectual discourse.

Join the Gnosis is an awakening!
text extracted from wikipedia


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